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"Roadhouse" was recorded live at Sy Klopps Studios in San Francsico in 2002. Sy decided in 2014 to put a CD together and showcase all of the songs from the live session here on Just click the launch link to listen!

Sy on lead vocals, Ralph Woodsen on guitar, Dan Armstrong on trombone, Ira Walker on bass, Michael Peloquin on harmonica, tenor and baritone sax, Tom Poole on trumpet and flugelhorn, Herman Eberitzsch on keyboards and Bobby Cochran on drums.

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1. Drivin' Wheel
2. Stop Leading Me On
3. Tryin' to Get Over You
4. Jesus Just Left Chicago
5. 300 Pounds
6. The Next Time You See Me
7. That Will Never Do
8. Fannie Mae
9. Key To The Highway
10. Hoochie Coochie Man
11. Steppin Stone
12. She's So Fine
13. Beautician Blues

"Dice With The Universe"

In 2001 Billy Kreutzmann, co-drummer for the Grateful Dead and Sy started a new band called the Trichromes. Their first and only CD "Dice With The Universe" was released in 2002 on 33rd street records. Trichromes toured behind the album until 2003.

1. Dice With The Universe 5:36
2. New Speedway Boogie 9:05
3. Tore Up Over You 10:20

Produced by Herbie Herbert and Steve Parish
Recorded by Tom Paddock at Club Front Studios and at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco.
Mixed by L. Henry Sarmiento and David Denny
Recorded at Sy Klopps Studios, San Francisco
Mastered by Jeffery Norman at Grateful Dead Studios

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Grateful Dead radio deadnet

"Berkeley Soul"

Berkeley Soul
Released in 2000 on Rounder Records

1. Running Blue 4:02
2. Wherever I Lay My Hat 4:35
3. You Gotta Move 3:44
4. Talk To Me 3:38
5. Cryin For My Baby 4:17
6. Walk Slow 4:27
7. Stand By Me 5:08
8. The Rock 3:32
9. Living In The House Of Blues 4:18
10. Appetite For Love 4:24

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"Old Blue Eye Is Back"

Old Blue Eye Is Back
Released in 1995 on Sy Records

1. Living On The Highway 4:36
2. How Blue Can You Get 3:03
3. Personal Manager 5:20
4. That Will Never Do 3:33
5. Woke Up This Morning 3:37
6. Pretty Woman 4:00
7. Good Morning Little School Girl 4:53
8. Killing Floor 3:58
9. It's Too Late She's Gone 5:21
10. Down Don't Bother Me 2:13
11. Hoochie Coochie Man 4:17
12. Wine 3:14

"Walter Ego"

Sy's first album offers a pedigreed list of contributing musicians: Neal Schon, Kee Marcello, Prairie Prince, Ross Valory, Norton Buffalo and Gregg Rolie.

Walter Ego
Released in 1993 on Guitar Recordings

1. Going To Mexico
2. Fannie Mae
3. Key To The Highway
4. Jesus Just Left Chicago
5. Born Under A Bad Sign
6. Going Down
7. I Got My Eye On You
8. Round And Round
9. Mercury Blues
10. You're So Fine
11. Baby's Calling Me Home
12. My Name Is Sy Klopps

Produced by David Denny and Bobby Scott
Also Produced by Chip Znuff and Donnie Vie
Mixed by Kevin Elson
Second Engineer: Tom Size
Executive Producer for Guitar Recordings: John Stix
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Ca.
RD Recordings, Chicago Recording & A&M Studios
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

Bio: Who is Sy Klopps?

"Somewhere between a legend and a rumor, Sy Klopps is the Paul Bunyan of the blues. Armed with a sachel full of classic blues, he blows the dust off a guitar as hot as a twenty dollar hooker on a Saturday night. He is cutting a swath through the wild west, as bad as Jesse James". Joel Selvin

The Artist known as Sy Klopps started out as a fictional "recluse prodigy" musician. A complete fabrication, a trick, played on booking agents by Walter James "Herbie" Herbert II, the successful rock and roll "Personal Manager" responsible for crafting Journey’s success. During phone conversations with fellow music business people, when poking fun and gaming was always expected, "the Sy Klopps legend" was born.

Ironically, the legend prompted Herbie to bring Sy Klopps to life. Become the man. "Walter's Alter Ego" [and the title of his first album]. But, the transformation could not have happened without many famous musician friends who came on board to jam, gig and record, showing interest and offering their talents and friendship. Sy thrived on his new persona and loved every minute of being an artist.

After retiring from personal managment at the tail end of 1993 Herbie jumped headlong into becoming Sy Klopps the artist. It became his passion. He built his own state of the art commercially competitive recording studio and recorded his first album, "Walter Ego", released in 1993 on Guitar Recordings Classic Cuts label. Gigs around the Bay Area and eventually at the Fillmore in San Francisco soon followed and Sy Klopps Studio became well known to musicians in San Francisco and even globally.

After his first CD, Sy recorded several more: "Old Blue Eye Is Back", "Berkeley Soul", an EP called "High Five", a Live Video recorded in concert at the Fillmore and continued recording until 2002. Sy played live gigs with Etta James at the House Of Blues, with Tower of Power, The Allman Brothers, Tommy Castro, Buddy Guy and The Doobie Brothers.

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In 2001, Sy teamed up with Grateful Dead drummer Billy Kreutzmann, Journey's lead guitarist Neal Schon and some of his other band mates to create a new group called the Trichromes. They realeased one CD called "Dice With The Universe.”

In 2014, Sy released "Roadhouse". A collection of 13 songs he recorded live in 2002 with his 8 piece orchestra. Listen to it right here on

Sy is now retired and enjoying his digs in Mendocino County.


View from Sy Klopps cove.

Video: "Live At The Fillmore"

Sy at the Fillmore Video

Sy Klopps Live At The Fillmore
Released in 1995 by HHM
46 minutes, with guest appearance by Steve Miller.

Watch The Live at the Fillmore Video

"Runnin' Blues" House of Blues

Sy Klopps "Runnin' Blue"

Live video from the House Of Blues in Los Angeles, Ca
Sy opened for the late great Etta James. October 14, 2000.

Watch "Runnin' Blues at the House Of Blues in LA











Trichromes band

Old Blue Eye

Walter Ego

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Sy Klopps Orchestra

Top down L-R Sy on lead vocals, Ralph Woodsen on guitar, Dan Armstrong on trombone, Ira Walker on bass, Michael Peloquin on harmonica, tenor and baritone sax, Tom Poole on trumpet and flugelhorn, Herman Eberitzsch on keyboards and Bobby Cochran on drums.

Berkeley Soul


Road House

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Tower of Power with Sy Klopps supporting


Tommy Castro with Sy Klopps supporting


Gregg Allman and Friends Sy Klopps supporting


Buddy Guy Sy Klopps supporting

Blues Traveller

Sy Klopps Supporting Blues Traveler

Allman Brothers

Sy Klopps Supporting Gregg Allman and Freinds















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Trichromes Posters

Harvest Ball

SF Fillmore Auditorium


Trichromes Belly Up

Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, Ca

































Warfiel show poster

SF Warfield Theater